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Hemp and Omega 3, 6 & 9

Hemp Seeds used for GOOD OIL Hemp oil

Hemp Seeds


Hemp seed is a nutritional gem, very rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, and also in exactly the right ratio for it to be absorbed into the body.  According to numerous studies that means it is good for arthritis, cardiovascular disease, ADHD, skin and hair.

We pride ourselves on having something so tasty that is also really GOOD for you. We make sure you get the best of both worlds by taking the upmost care ingrowing, harvesting, selecting and cold-pressing our hemp-seeds.

We start with the finest hemp seeds you can grow, use the simplest technique available to press it, and we ensure there is no heat used – so there are no compromises – just the finest ingredients treated with the greatest respect.



GOOD OIL Hemp oil contains 25 times more omega 3 than olive oil and 80% more than Rapeseed Oil and also less satruated fat

Why is it so GOOD?

It's simple. 

If you start with bad ingredients, you can process an oil to make it taste ok, but you have to accept compromises. It's easier to process oils that are not very good for us and are high in Saturated Fat. The production of Trans Fats is seen as an acceptable risk. Oils that are high in the good fats, Polyunsatruated Fats, have also to accept that these fats are reduced during the refining process. 

If you start with the finest ingredients, use the simplest technique available, and in the case of the best oils ensure there is no heat used, then there is no compromise. 

Not only do we not use heat when we make our oil, but we make sure that our seed is dried with the minimum amount of heat. This is why GOOD OIL Hemp Oil is suitable for cooking and doesn't have to be treated any different to other oils. It's robust because if its quality. “No Compromise, No Transfats, just the GOOD Stuff’.

How do we know we're right?

There is a lot of information available across the world about Hemp Seed Oil. It has never really hit the mainstream, because the availability of hemp seed oil was limited and to be honest, it never tasted good enough. 

GOOD OIL has been used by chefs, nutritionists, the RSPCA (to restore health to their worst cases), prescribed by surgeons to patients undergoing surgery and most importantly used by our customers in everyday cooking for four years. 

In that time we have had a lot of feedback about the nutritional benefits of GOOD OIL which we have always been aware of, but wanted some independent assessment. We asked Kings College London Department of Nutritional Sciences to assess the nutritional attributes of GOOD OIL Hemp Oil. Professor Tom Sanders, the leading authority in nutrition, confirmed our own beliefs and found some more exciting facts as well. 

Download Kings Report [PDF]



GOOD Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, and in the ideal ratio for your body to absorb it (Omega 6 to Omega 3 = 3:1). Hemp Seed Oil is the only vegetarian source of the potent form of Omega 3 - without any of the dioxins and toxins often found in fish oil. These Essential Fatty Acids contribute towards general health, and specifically help circulation, the heart, hair and skin, joints and the immune system. To read more about Omega 6 please click here


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