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Our Hemp

Hemp is a good crop

   Good Crop | Good Process | What Makes a GOOD Oil, by Henry BrahamHenry Braham & Glynis Murray with GOOD OIL Hemp Oil

Good Crop

Hemp is a Super Crop! Not only is the hemp-seed really good for you, (click here to find out how) it is also great for the environment. GOOD hemp is also GM free! 

Why is hemp so GOOD?

  • It is very sustainable and beneficial to the environment.
  • It is planted late in spring allowing the soil to be naturally healthy and wildlife to flourish.
  • Uses NO Pesticides or Herbicides.
  • Provides an excellent habitat for wildlife during the summer months and valuable feeding grounds on the fallow land over winter.
  • Has a long tap root that is excellent for soil structure an health.
  • It is a very efficient carbon sequester.
  • It does not require much fuel to grow and harvest it, as timely sowing, good husbandry and beneficial crop rotation means that there is no need for weed control during the growing period (either mechanical or chemical). 

  • More info: What makes good Oil, by Henry Braham 


Hemp has many uses, and nothing is wasted! 

Once harvested we use the seeds for our GOOD Hemp Oil and our HEMP Protein, and the rest of the crop is used for the following:

  • The straw is used to make Hemcrete, one of the most eco-friendly building materials available. It works as a great insulator as well as 'locking' CO2. To read about sustainable building projects using Hemcrete click here
  • The fibre is supplied to BMW for the doors of 3 & 5 Series cars. The fibre reduces the weight per car by approximately 1kg, 
    thus enabling fuel efficiency.
  • The dust cleaned from the seed is supplied to worm farms.
  • Leaf matter supplies essential nutrients back to the soil as a natural fertiliser.

Every 800 bottles of GOOD OIL produces enough hemp straw to build an entire Eco-house. This amount of straw locks a net gain of 7.5t of CO2. More than annual CO2 produced by the average UK Household.
Put another way, 1 bottle of GOOD OIL produces enough straw to lock the equivalent 
CO2 produced by the average 40 mile car journey.

Check our GOOD Animation here, it says it all.

UK Hemp field being harvested

The GOOD Process

There are two ways of making oil: the way that mankind has done it for centuries and the modern way.

The Ancient way is to press oil from the Olive, Seed or Grain physically. Gravity is then used to filter the oil (the heavier solids gradually settle at the bottom). Pure oil is siphoned off the top, and that’s it. The taste is as close to the original raw ingredient as you can get.

The Modern way, typical in lower and medium priced Olive Oils, is to extract oil chemically and then refine the crude oil by Degumming, Bleaching and Deodorizing.

We use the Ancient method (of course!) to keep the taste and GOODness of the raw ingredient and make our GOOD Hemp Oil. So this is what we do:

  •  Grow Hemp without herbicides or pesticides
  •  Harvest the seeds with the upmost care
  •  Dry the seeds immediately to retain the goodness and delicious flavour
  •  Carefully select the best seeds
  •  Clean the seeds
  •  Cold Press the seeds to squeeze out the oil
  •  Use gravity to filter the oil over time
  •  Bottle the oil